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Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay, You Can Have It All: Lifetime Wisdom From America's Foremost Woman Entrepreneur

In 1995, Mary Kay Ash wrote You Can Have It All, a book dedicated to the new and changing roles of modern women moving into the business world. By elaborating on her core values and principles, Mary Kay Ash reveals the secrets to having a remarkable business career, as well as a balanced, fulfilling life. These savvy strategies are what she relied on to turn a $5,000 life savings into a multibillion-dollar global company, without sacrificing what was important to her.
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Although You Can Have It All is currently out of print, the values remain the same. Mary Kay shares a lifetime of lessons learned as a woman and a revolutionary business leader. From how to become more confident to how to deal with the male ego, this book details the timeless strategies for women, or anyone, who wants to succeed personally and professionally.

Reviews and Comments on You Can Have It All

"Mary Kay eloquently reminds us the only way to successfully manage all areas of our lives is to have our values and priorities in place."
- Roger Staubach, CEO and chairman of The Staubach Company

"... a must for every woman ... This book gives fascinating plans for achieving success and reaching the top. Mary Kay is our great role model: God first, family second, career third. Don't miss learning how to do it all."
- Mrs. Normal Vincent Peale

"Here are the major reasons everyone from college students to CEOs should read this book: It's motivational, real world and comes from one who practiced what she preached."
- Barry J. Farber, author of Diamond in the Rough and State-of-the-Art Selling